Thursday, January 3, 2008

More mushrooms

I spent New Years Day hiking in Samuel Taylor State Park near Olema. It was a lovely hike, to the top of Barnabe Peak. About 6 miles roundtrip, pretty easy grade switchbacks on the way up. One minor detour for a massive (and recently) fallen tree. The top of the tree had fallen right across the trail, and myself and a couple other hikers spent a good 10 minutes trying to shove our way through before finally giving up. I ended up climbing up a steep, ferny hillside and going over the fallen trunk of the tree. Adventure! Anyway, these mushrooms were growing on the underside of yet another fallen tree across the trail. I love that they somehow still grow upward, stems curving, even though it's shaded enough under there that they can't possibly be growing toward the light. It gave me a really great view of their cute ribbed underbellies.

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