Monday, January 7, 2008

Cause for rejoicing

The days are getting noticably longer again -- hurray! Right around this time of year, I always start to feel the winter gloom lifting. Pretty soon, the sun will be setting late enough in the evenings for me to actually be home from work in time to see this again. Instead of, you know, watching the sun set over the industrial park from my office window.:
Well, maybe not this exactly, as this is the sunset view from my current living room window. As of February 1, I shall have a new living room window with all new views. I am not (thank goodness!) moving across the country again. In fact, this might be my shortest move EVER - 15 minutes down the road. Off of the lovely, lovely ranch I've been living on for the past year. But into downtown (I can walk to the movies! To the bookstore! To the PUB!). My commute will be half as long. Alas, the trade off is that I suspect the sunsets will be only half as spectacular, even if I do get home to them sooner.

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