Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Daily Dose of Gratitude #12

1. Knowing how to properly poach eggs. (And poached eggs with dill on english muffins for breakfast - yum)

2. The fact that the BEAUTIFUL (and ridiculously expensive) new gym near my house may actually be a part of my health insurance gym membership program, which would mean it would be CHEAP to join. (Please cross your fingers for me that this turns out to actually be true!)

3. The LitterMaid 2000 automatic litter box.

4. Red wellies with white polka dots. (This will make me even more grateful when I get to actually WEAR them this year. Where oh wear is our winter rain?)

(wow, I just noticed how much I really like parentheses on my blog. I think this a direct result of years of repressing my parentheses-loving tendencies in papers and word assignments after getting lectured by my middle school english teacher for over-enthusiastic parenthesizing)

5. Being able to use parentheses whenever I damn well please!

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