Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Daily Dose of Gratitude #11

1. Every piece of dirty laundry in my house, now clean. (Even if going to the laundromat to get it that way sucks!)

2. The fact that I own enough pairs of underwear that I can go weeks and weeks and weeks without the dreaded trip to the laundromat.

3. Avocados (and being able to spell avocado right on the first try).

4. The swift and ball winder they use at the yarn shop to wind your skein into a neat little yarn cake.

5. The squirrel that fell down my parents' chimney today. Like from the roof. Don't ask me how that happened. All I know was that the story of the squirrel had me in STITCHES for, like, hours. I mean, the story involves:

-- The squirrel caught behind the glass door of the fireplace, my mom and the dog freaking the hell out. (Holden barking like mad, mom shrieking like a little girl).

-- My dad setting one of those humane live traps up near the fireplace, blockading it in with other furniture (I think -- the story got a little fuzzy here what with all the hysterical laughter on my end of the phone), then, basically, opening the door to the fireplace and running.

-- And not just running to the other room, but actually leaving the house for a few hours to go to wine tasting, hoping the squirrel would be trapped by the time they got back. (Don't ask me what they thought would happen if the squirrel DIDN'T go in the trap.

-- This wackadoodle plan actually working, and my folks coming home to a handily trapped squirrel, ready to be released into the wild.

-- My mom bitching that she was the one who had to clean up after the squirrel, which apparently pooped all over the living room floor before stumbling drunkenly into the trap.

Oh my goodness, how could you NOT be grateful for a story like that!?! Thank you, universe. Thank you stupid squirrel. Thank you mom and dad for just being your crazy selves :-)

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Camels & Chocolate said...

I LOVE the yarn winder! And btw I was at Jemima's today, and we agreed you definitely need to come to the city and play with us sometime soon!