Monday, February 16, 2009

Daily Dose of Gratitude #s 28-30

1. Lovely, generous friends who invite you on a fun-filled snow getaway at the last minute :-)

2. Being away from my computer for a whole weekend.

3. Successfully putting on tire chains for the first time, without having to pay the dudes in yellow jumpsuits $30 to do it. (That might be the hugest rip-off EVER, by the way. Seriously. I had never done the tire chain thing before, so it took me 20-30 minutes the first time. But once you've got it figured out, it takes less than 10 minutes)

4. Sitting in a hot-tub in the mountains, snowflakes tickling my nose.

5. Baileys and hot chocolate.

6. Valentines day dinner with fabulous food, friends, and laughter (and none of the usual valentines bullshit)

7. A cuddly gray cat who is oh-so-happy you're home.

8. Catching snowflakes on your tongue.

9. Stopping at Ikea on the way home from Tahoe. (And, better yet, only spending $20)

10. The space heater that keeps my poor toes warm in my chilly office.

11. That the fancy-pants new gym near my house has been added to the gym discounts I get through my health insurance.

12. Okay, screw it, I was grateful all weekend, but listing 15 things all at once is killing me. So, my final bit of gratitude for the weekend is giving myself a pass on having to stick to this daily gratitude thing too closely :-)


Camels & Chocolate said...

Haha. It WAS a very fun weekend! We should make it an annual event, and by the next time, I'll have learned how to ski (a girl can dream, right?)!

I felt your pain yesterday, as it took us nearly SEVEN hours to get back. Did you have the same experience?

ChrisC said...

Annual event, totally! Sorry y'all had such a miserable trip home. Mine actually wasn't so bad. I snowshoed and then left Truckee at maybe 2:30 or 3, and was home by 8 (with a stop at Ikea along the way).