Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Daily Dose of Gratitude #18

1. Having a job that is flexible enough that I can come in a little later on those mornings when I just cannot drag my ass out of bed or when I really just need to sit down for breakfast at home for once.

2. Magnolia blossoms.

3. And while we're talking about flowers, also those brilliant yellow flowering trees that are all along the highway in CA starting about this time of year. I posted about this a year or so ago and someone told me what they were called, but I've already forgotten . . .

4. Winning something cool -- A few weeks ago, I won this glove mold from Bluebell Bazaar on Etsy, thanks to Liz at A Giveaway a Day. I'm using it to store rings, necklaces, etc at the moment. It makes me smile. I kind of want a whole herd of them on my dresser, like in the picture.

5. People's 25 things lists on Facebook. I'm learning such fun things about my friends!

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