Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Daily Dose of Gratitude #25

1. A lunch hour spent playing with the doggies at the Humane Society across the street from my office. I think I'm in love . . . (Follow that link and look at Adelaide. Is she not just the sweetest thing EVER?)

2. My contact lenses coming in at the eye doctor overnight, when they told me it could be a week or two. Hurray for no longer having to wear my scratched up glasses all the time because I've run out of contacts!

3. The smell of made-from-scratch lemon bars baking in the kitchen.

4. An enormous vase of eucalyptus branches wafting their spicy-mint smell throughout my house.

5. Living just 30 minutes from here:

And a bonus thing I am grateful for today:

6. The robins-egg blue kitchen timer I bought on impulse at Anthropologie in December. It's magnetic, so it sticks to the fridge, and it trills merrily when time's up. It's one of the small things in life that totally makes me happy (and at $12, it's about the only thing I can afford at Anthro :-)

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