Thursday, February 7, 2008

Welcome to Walmart. What ailment can I help you with today?

Slightly disturbing news of the day:

Walmart is adding medical clinics to more of its stores.

Apparently, this is actually something they've been doing for a while, but it's the first I've heard of it. Walmart already has 78 medical clinics in stores, and now they're adding 200 more. This fascinates me. I mean, I know that Americans really, really love superstores. I mean, God forbid we have to walk ALL THE WAY from our car into MULTIPLE stores get our shopping done! But, really -- medical care at the store you go to to pay ridiculously low prices for made-in-China crap that is guaranteed to fall apart in less than 6 months? REALLY? I mean, am I the only one who feels a little dirty (and not in the good way) just setting foot in Walmart? I cringe a little even walking in there to buy toilet paper and I don't care if the same socks are 50 cents cheaper at Walmart than at Target -- I'm going to Target. Plus (and I know this is a terrible, awful thing to say), I swear that every time I've ever been in Walmart, at least 85% of the shoppers are seriously overweight, panting with the exertion as they push around full-to-the brim carts of industrial-size Gatorades and Chips-A-Hoy. And they look all squirrely-eyed, like they're afraid that someone will snatch that GREAT DEAL on Bratz Dolls, Coca-Cola, Lays Potato chips out from under them. Really, Walmart is the epitomy of everything that I hate about America, all in one place. In fact, last time I went in, I couldn't get out fast enough. SCARE-Y

And, on a more serious note, what the hell does it say about the state of the American health care system that 55% of people who shop at Walmart don't have health insurance and so they really need clinics like this.

Now if Target added medical clinics, on the other hand, I'd totally go for that. :-) I just KNOW you'd get totally adorable Jonathan Adler bandages whenever they had to take blood!

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