Wednesday, February 6, 2008

There's no use crying over spilt . . . coffee?

So this morning I stopped for coffee on my way into the office. There aren't a lot of coffee shops I really like around here (especially not after spending so much time in Portland the past few months), but my "good enough" choice, La Coppa, is at least local (read: not Starbucks) and near the office. Their coffee's not great, but it's drinkable, and this morning, they made my Americano perfectly, for once. Just the right amount of pale brown froth, not too full or not full enough. And I doctored it up just the way I liked it, with a little splash of half and half. It was so pretty. So when I got to the office, I set the cup on top of the car so I could get my laptop bag out of the backseat, and I think you can guess where this is going. . . Yep, I somehow managed to jostle the car and dumped the entire cup of coffee, before I even got to drink a single sip. It poured down the back of the car in a perfectly half-and-halfed rush and I just stood there and watched. So sad. . .

Luckily, I went to the gym last night after work, which means that I'm in a good mood, so I didn't start crying. (Yes, I've cried over spilt coffee before. Oh, c'mon, you've never cried over something dumb???) I WAS too embarrassed, though, to go back for a new cup.

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