Monday, February 4, 2008

Moving Bites

What Violet is thinking in this picture: Why the eff do you keep on DOING this to us, lady?

What I'm thinking right now, after movers who were three hours late, tracked mud all over BOTH houses, and overcharged me, to boot: Why the eff do I keep on DOING this to us?

So the move is done. Sort of. Friday night, I started getting wicked chills and body aches. By Saturday, it was so bad, I could barely stand up. My misguided attempt to go back over to the old house and finish cleaning Saturday afternoon led to me curled up in the corner sobbing on the phone to my parents because I was shaking so hard with chills I didn't know if I could even drive home. Fun. I did make it back to the new house and slept away the rest of Saturday and a good chunk of Sunday.

Number of boxes unpacked over the course of three days: 10, maybe.

Number of boxes remaining to be unpacked: Approximately 3 trillion

Number of muddy footprints and dust dinosaurs still needing to be swept up at the old apartment: 387

Approximate amount of energy I'm going to have left to do that cleaning after working a full day today: none

Why oh why didn't I remember to get a flu shot this year???

And you know what the worst of it is? I'd like to say, OK, that's it. This is the last move for a good long time. But history tells me that this is unlikely to be the case (to say the least). Do you know how many houses I've lived in since I graduated from college almost 10 years ago? 12. TWELVE! And that doesn't even include the places where I've lived for a month or 6 weeks for work. if you count those, I'm up to 16! So, yeah, I suspect that I'm going to be doing this whole move thing again sooner than not. ugh.

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