Friday, April 11, 2008

Slightly less babyish steps than I thought

So I just found this website for mapping the mileage of your running route and it turns out that the route I've been running is actually 3.16 miles, so I'm doing better than I thought with the whole running thing. Tonight I'm going to add an extra half mile to the route. Go me.

On a completely unrelated note, I almost died from the cute when I was driving home last night and saw a herd of pygmy ponies with BABIES. Have you ever SEEN a baby Pygmy pony? They're about a foot tall and so cute it hurts. Seriously! (And, um, so cute that you might almost swerve off the road trying to get a better look at them). I brought my camera with me today and I'm totally pulling over on the way home to snap a picture of the cuteness!

EDT 9:30 pm - Just LOOK at the cute! That tail! The fuzzy baby mane! Don't you just want to give it a noogie? Seriously -- it should be illegal for any creature to be this darn cute!

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