Friday, April 4, 2008

Her Middle Name is D'oh

So troublemaker Scout really, really, really wants to go outside. She gazes longingly out the window at the cats across the street lolling about on their front porch. She stalks the door to my apartment whenever it looks like I may be going out. Last night, I was heading out to kick the soccer ball around and had my hands full with my cleats, the ball, etc as I was going out the front door. So Scout took full advantage and streaked out the door and down the stairs toward the front door before I could stop her. I chased after her, hollering, which usually gets her to turn around and head back, but this time she was determined to finally make her big break. So she bolts down the stairs and makes for the front door of the house. She thinks she sees her chance for freedom! The great outdoors is hers at last! She darts right at the last minute, toward her opening. And bonks right into the floor-to-ceiling window next to the front door. So, Scout, let me tell you about this thing called "glass." It's not so much permeable.

p.s. My new favorite word? Lolloping. It's what the rabbits do in Watership Down -- they lollop. tells me that it means to move with a bobbing motion. How many times a day do you think I can work lollop into normal conversation?

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