Monday, August 24, 2009

Daily Dose of Gratitude #60

1. A lovely weekend backpacking the high Sierras.

2. Bedtime bourbon and hot chocolate by the edge of Sunrise Lake.

3. The purple of a post-storm sunset, reflecting in a cold mountain lake.

4. A good tent and rain gear, which kept us (mostly) dry in the deluge we were caught in Saturday night and most of Sunday.

5. A backpacking partner who was very, very patient with me even in the midst of a wee meltdown on the final stretch of our trip. (Soaking wet gear, slick and muddy trails, no hot breakfast or morning coffee). There might have been a little bit of bitching and moaning and few tears. I might have been the one doing the bitching and bawling. :-)

Pictures as soon as I find the damn camera cable.


Jemima said...

Funny, I read the "good tent" as "good cigar." I guess because there was a lot of other stuff I CAN'T HAVE: backcountry, bourbon and mountain lakes. Sigh. I want a long painful slog in the Sierras. Hell, even a wimpy out and back with luxury meals (ie, Lost Coast) would be welcome.

ChrisC said...

You're making me sad with all this stuff you can't have! And it would have been nice to have a bitching and moaning partner on this trip -- Dorian is so damn solid and calm, I felt like a total flake. :-)