Sunday, March 1, 2009

Daily Dose of Gratitude #36

1. An amazing 90-minute yoga class this morning that has left me feeling spectacular all day.

2. The fantastic new fleece I got at the Nike outlet today for only $20, thanks to fortuitous timing. (It had been in the hold bin for weeks, apparently, as the price dropped lower and lower, and I got there just as they put it back out on the shelves.)

3. Long-sleeve workout shirts with thumbholes so you can keep the sleeves from riding up in the cold.

4. Buffalo Chicken Chili with blue cheese sprinkled over the top. (Rachael Ray annoys me, and I often find her recipes too cutesy, but this one is dee-licious).

5. All my laundry, sorted and ready to go to the laundromat tomorrow.

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