Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mystery Half-Solved

So the mystery of the freaking-out cat has been solved -- sort of. After more than a week, Scout has finally calmed down enough to be cuddly again. So a couple of days ago, she was curled up next to me and I realized that she has a big ol' scab on the edge of her ear. Once I held her squirmy little self down and got a good look, I could see that she has a nice notch taken out of it. It's probably only an 8th of an inch long, but when your entire ear is only an inch in length, that's a good-sized wound. I assume that she somehow got in a fight with one of the neighborhood cats when she was outside last week and that she was so horribly freaked out because she was in a lot of pain. I must have just not seen the cut when I tried to examine her then, since she was thrashing all over the place whenever I tried to hold her still. In any case, she seems to be back to normal now, and she'll have a nice war wound to show for her adventure.

In other news, doctors are trying to regrow a man's amputated finger with "pixie dust" made of tissue extracted from pigs. Seriously -- it's on CNN. How fucking cool is that? (And how much do I love the fact that these super-serious military scientist-types are calling their regrowth compound "pixie dust"?!?)

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