Monday, September 7, 2009

Molten Lake

On vacation with the family in Northern Michigan right now. I've been spending a lot of time NOT at my computer, looking at scenery like this. Just lovely.


Jemima said...

How did it go? More fun than the last visit, I trust?

That picture is gorgeous. Simons and I have two weeks coming up at Edisto, and while we may have to commute back into town for work, it will be worth it to have long morning walks under the oaks and a river in front of the house. Ahhh, for relaxation.

Ken E. said...

That is an amazing photo. You sure don't spend much time at home, do you? :)

ChrisC said...

J -- MUCH better than the last two visits, in fact. Hurray! And hurray for getting some relaxation time in. You deserve it!

K -- Nope, not home much at all (says the girl who went pretty much directly from Michigan to Big Sur for the weekend and just got home :-)