Thursday, July 30, 2009

Daily Dose of Gratitude #54

1. This song:

I've seriously had it on repeat for two days now. Lovely.

2. Seared tuna with fingerling potatoes, doused in olive oil and chili powder, then grilled.

3. Talking excitedly to someone who loves books just as much as I do, but in a totally different way.

4. A house full of books upon books upon books, crammed into every possible corner.

5. A Soy Latte after a night of too-little sleep.


Moose said...

I love this list. I am living vicariously through your list. Esp. that tuna bit.

ChrisC said...

Seared tuna, yum. Ever since Sarah went back to Charleston, I've been needing a really good cook in my life :-)

Jemima said...

This is my new favorite happy song!

Oh, did you see the Flickr picture I put up for you? From Tahoe!

Jemima said...

Seriously, I've just watched that about four times in a row and am all weepy. Damned hormones! Stupid baby!

ChrisC said...

Sorry to make you weepy, Jemima, but glad you like the song :-) I've been listening to it pretty much on repeat for days. Especially since I'm rather smitten at the moment with a boy who has truly lovely green eyes :-)

Oh, And I hadn't seen that picture, but it's awesome!