Monday, May 18, 2009

Daily Dose of Gratitude #48

1. Seeing The Avett Brothers live. What a fantastic show! And they played my favorite song:

2. That they were playing at the Fillmore. I used to go to tons of concerts, back when I ran a record store, but I rarely go anymore. Mostly because I have very little tolerance at this point for being packed in like sardines with hundreds of stupid drunk frat boys, drowning in clouds of pot smoke. But this show was AWESOME-- small, historic venue, a very excited but mellow crowd, and we snagged a prime viewing spot on the balcony. And you get a free poster after the show at the Fillmore. And apples! (I could do without the $12 beers, though. What a rip-off!)

3. 30 degrees cooler today than yesterday. Thank goodness!

4. A really good friend, in town now for the whole summer :-)

5. Fresh, cool sheets and sleeping with all the windows open and the hum of the ceiling fan.

1 comment:

Moose said...

Ooh, number 5 is one of my favorite things. Too bad I don't have a ceiling fan or a window I'd care to open while sleeping. It's coming, though. Along with my bathtub. :)