Sunday, September 14, 2008

Public Service Announcement

Dear Internet,

If any of you are planning on making the Caramel Pear Butter from the current issue of Bon Appetit, beware! That shit's like molten lava when it's bubbling away on the stove, and it splatters like you wouldn't believe. My poor hands . . . Also, it's really good with a few whole cardamom pods added along with the nutmeg.

Oh yeah, and if you're thinking about going to see Burn After Reading, you might want to reconsider. Brad Pitt is absolutely hysterical, but the movie as a whole was just . . . eh. I kept on looking at my watch to see when it would be over, even though it was only 1:40 long. Never a good sign.

And as long as I'm giving advice, the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park is amazing, and it closes in just two weeks. Totally spend your $$$ to go see that instead of Burn After Reading.



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Camels & Chocolate said...

OK, you just confirmed that I'll wait to Netflix Burn After Reading. I'm always kinda "eh" about Coen Bros films, and this one looked funny but a little too silly for me. Though I did stumble upon them filming it while I was still working in NYC, right across the street from my office--that right there is my only real motivation for seeing it!