Friday, December 14, 2007

What I've been Watching Lately

Since I haven't been reading much for the past week or so, I thought I'd write a little post about what I have been doing. My brain's been a little too full with work stress and other stuff, so I've been watching downloaded TV shows, instead. And I now have a new TV obsession -- Pushing Daisies. It's new this season on ABC, but produced by the same guy who did Wonderfalls a few years ago. That show only lasted a few episodes, and I was sad, sad, sad when it got cancelled. But PD has the same quirky, reality-meets-fantasy blend. I don't much go for sitcoms, so it's rare that TV makes me laugh so hard it hurts. This show does so constantly.

So the premise is that the main character, Ned can bring people back to life just by touching them. But once he brings someone back to life, if he touches them a second time, they die again, for good. And if he doesn't, within a minute, re-deadify (yep, that's a word. Really) the person he's brought back to life , someone else dies in their place. Sounds a bit silly, right? That's totally what I thought. But the show is done in this perfect, magical-realism kind of way that just gets in your head. It's whimsical, full of dry humor, the sets are all candy-colored Alice in Wonderland fancy, and the casting is dead on. Kristin Chenowith as Olive is freakin' hysterical and I have a I-want-her-to-be-my-best-friend crush on the character of Chuck (Charlotte), the childhood sweetheart that Ned brings back to life and keeps alive. In fact, pretty much every actor and character is fantastic. And it's gotten nominated for 3 Golden Globes now, so if you care about that stuff, there it is.

I've now watched every episode that's come out of the show, and there aren't any more till the writer's strike ends. In fact, this is the only show that has made me give a hoot about the writer's strike at all. Now that I've seen all the episodes, I guess I'm going to have to go back to reading :-)

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